Issuing Open Badges

Why issue Open Badges?

Open Badges provide a flexible way to recognize learning wherever it happens, in and out of formal education and the workplace. They can represent any achievement from simple participation to evidence-backed competency development.

By adopting the Open Badges Specification you are joining over 3,000 organizations across the world who believe in supporting a global Specification that enables individuals to capture and share the richer picture of who they are.

Benefits of issuing Open Badges:

Issuing your own Open Badges

Any individual or organization can create an Issuer profile and begin defining and issuing Open Badges. Any entity that can be described with a name, description, URL, image, and email address is a possible candidate to become an Issuer. To issue Open Badges you need a technology platform that supports the Open Badges Specification.

Cloud based issuing platforms

Many companies have created badge issuing platforms compliant with the Open Badges Specification. They provide a wide range of services, which allow non-technical users issue Open Badges credentials. Platforms each offer a mix of custom services possibly including: online badge designers, badge discovery, issuing, assessment workflow, display, user profiles, social sharing and tools to integrate with existing learning systems. All Open Badges issuing platforms should allow recipients to export their badges to a Backpack of choice. This allows users to stack and share their badges earned on different platforms and choose their own spaces to establish their identity on the web. A current list of badge issuing platforms can be found here: IMS-certified Open Badges Platforms. Many platforms offer integrations with other applications or open APIs for new integrations. Some platforms are also available as open source software for issuers who wish to customize their badging applications further or get involved directly in collaborating to advance the implementation of Open Badges.

Creating a new Open Badges issuer application: The Open Badges Specification provides the information you need to create an Open Badges compliant issuer service. See also our technical guide on how to get started issuing badges to understand the process and requirements.

Designing Open Badges

The process of creating a badge typically involves three tasks:

A picture of metadata under the surface of a badge, showing a circuitboard underneath a hexagonal badge image with a star emblem

Open Badges Peeled by Bryan Mathers (Used under CC-BY-ND License). See more of Bryan's badges work on #OB101

Many issuers provide pathways of related badges that each represent different aspects of the necessary skills or experiences important within a discipline. Whether or not your badge is part of a pathway of badges, you must design the activities, assessment process and staff responsibilities involved in implementing the learning program.

Badge System Design Resources

Who’s issuing Open Badges?

A diverse range of organizations and communities, including:

Issuer Insignia

Already issuing Open Badges?: Use these insignia on your site and link back to us -Contact us, and we will add you to the list of issuers.