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Open Badges communicate skills and achievements by providing visual symbols of accomplishments packed with verifiable data and evidence that can be shared across the web. Open Badges empower individuals to take their learning with them, wherever they go, building a rich picture of their lifelong learning journey. Thousands of organizations across the world already issue Open Badges, from non-profits to major employers to educational institutions at all levels.

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Mozilla created Open Badges in 2011 with funding from the MacArthur Foundation and a network of partners committed to developing a new way to recognize learning wherever it happened – in and out of formal education and online. As part of this effort, the Open Badges technical specification which defines the requirements for what a badge must represent for both issuers and earners was created.

A community of contributors has driven the Open Badges movement since then. Through these efforts, badges have gained widespread interest and adoption by policy, technology, and education stakeholders. As a disruptive innovation, Open Badges are reimagining ways to recognize learning beyond formal credentialing systems. Today, Open Badges are an emergent technology and require further development for widespread market development and adoption.

To further this work, effective January 1, 2017, IMS Global Learning Consortium will manage the evolution of the Open Badges Specification. As an open-governance, member-based standards consortium, IMS Global has deep experience with Open Badges and the expertise to lead the evolution of the specification, and also drive the adoption and portability of badges. The aim is to create a global skills currency based on the Open Badges Specification, under the leadership of IMS members with the support of the Open Badges community. The ongoing development and governance of the Mozilla Backpack will be led by Digitalme, to maintain an open source, interoperable option for individuals to securely store and share their badges.

More information on how to contribute to the development of Open Badges can be found on the Community page. And you can keep up to date with the latest News.

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History of Open Badges

Here is a brief history of the Open Badges movement and its key events.