Earning Open Badges

Why Earn Open Badges?

Open Badges are for everyone to recognize skills gained through a variety of experiences, regardless of your age or background. They allow you to follow your interests and passions and unlock opportunities in life and work by standing out from the crowd.

Organizations create and issue Open Badges for you to earn, enabling you to build up your own unique collection and share them across the web. Each badge you earn contains data about your skills and the issuing organization within a portable image file. This data can be viewed when you display and share your badges, helping people find out more about you.

You can share your badges in:

Where can I earn badges?

You can earn Open Badges from over 3,000 organizations across the world who want to recognise learning in new ways.

Wherever you see Open Badges offered online or as part of a learning program you can be sure that you are earning a credential that you can keep, manage, and share along with others to tell the full story of your achievements.

Getting started

Organizations issuing Open Badges can provide an online space for you to display and share your badge collections. There are also free services called Backpacks available to anyone earning Open Badges. A Backpack lets you store and transfer your badges between different platforms, wherever you earn them.

Flow Diagram

Collect Open Badges from many issuers, combine them in a Backpack account, and share them with opportunity providers to give a verifiable record of your skills and experience. (Image: Mozilla Foundation, 2012-13)

Start earning badges from one of these badge issuers. Open Badges Issuers.

Earn a quick badge:

You can get a quick start to your badge collection by earning a really simple badge.

Super Girl and the Navigator Badge

Super Girl and the Navigator Badge, a quick learning experience provided by Atul Varma

Earn a Navigator Badge