Badge Alliance

About the Badge Alliance (2014-2016)

The Badge Alliance (BA) was launched in 2014 to bring Open Badges to a wider scale. It organized the development of the Open Badges Specification through its Standard Working Group and connected communities around key aspects of the Open Badges ecosystem through regular community calls, mailing lists, and a constellation of working groups. As of 2017, the Badge Alliance will fold into IMS Global as IMS becomes the home for the Open Badges Specification. See Transition FAQ »

Mailing Lists

Comment, discuss, and read about ideas and happenings in the Open Badges community.

Working Groups

See the current collaborative work of the Badge Alliance and archival resources produced by past Working Groups on the Working Groups page.

Community Calls

Running since 2012 in an almost unbroken weekly series, the Open Badges community call has been a great resource for the badges community.

The community call occurs every Wednesday, with rare exceptions for holidays and special events. 60 minutes, starting at 12 pm ET / 9 am PT / 5pm BST / 4pm UTC (following US Daylight Saving Time adjustments). See the events calendar for upcoming calls. Join us on Wednesdays on our audio channel.

The Badge Alliance organizes and moderates the weekly calls and welcomes suggested topics. These calls are a great way to stay abreast of developments in the Open Badges ecosystem. Listen to presentations from invited experts on case studies and open questions in the world of Open Badges. Contribute to discussions identifying and prioritizing actions to move the Open Badges ecosystem forward.


Members of the BA community idle in our official Slack channel. Communicate with the Badge Alliance community via Slack messenger, the BA’s instant messaging and communication system. Here, we exchange thoughts, ideas, questions, and documents to push toward our goals in the badge community.

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Funding & Membership

The BA is supported by Collective Shift, which arose from years of engagement in digtial media and learning within the MacArthur Foundation. Collective Shift funded the Badge Alliance’s operations from 2014 to 2016 as it established the Open Badges Specification as a global project beyond its origins in the Mozilla Foundation. As of January 2017, when Open Badges becomes a global standard through IMS Global, the many members of IMS will fund the Open Badges project through their memberships. A Working Group and Executive Committee of IMS members will guide the Specification with support from a Community Council of invited Open Badges experts.

Organizational Model

The Badge Alliance consisted of a constellation of Working Groups made up of representatives from member organizations and is supported by a small internal staff. The Constellation Model of Collaborative Social Change by Tonya Surman & Mark Surman is a framework designed to support multi-organization partnerships and networks within complex systems. It’s a way to bring together multiple groups or sectors to work toward joint outcomes and serve social change.

Constellations of Working Groups enable networks to harness the power of loose coupling, connecting the right partners based on their own interests and assets. This creates stronger action teams that are harnessing the power of self-interest within a shared vision.