Open Badges Services and Software

The Open Badges ecosystem is built on an open specification implemented by many applications and services. This open structure allows different issuers, earners, and consumers to freely use available resources and contribute to the work. Effective January 1, 2017, the Open Badges Specification, will continue to evolve under the stewardship of IMS Global Learning Consortium, who will provide ongoing open governance with inputs from the community.

Issuing Services

Listed below are a number of platforms and applications using the Open Badges Specification. Here you can find services, software, and technical partners to help you start issuing Open Badges.

Contact us if you have an Open Badges service you would like to be included in this list.


Acclaim partners with recognized brands to issue badges employers value.


Contact: Clark Porter, Vice President, Pearson VUE


Badgecraft offers a multilingual platform to manage any achievements using Open Badges.


Contact: Nerijus Kriauciunas, CEO & Co-Founder


Badge List helps you collect and validate learning evidence and award Open Badges to your learners, all without setting up servers or software.


Contacts: * Hank Ryan Thompson, CEO & Co-Founder, Knowledgestreem * Ben Roome, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder, Knowledgestreem


BadgeOS™ is an operating system for fostering engagement and recognizing achievement. Available as a powerful free plugin to WordPress that integrates with Credly to award Open Badges, BadgeOS lets you create, organize, and assess activities, reward achievements, and issue badges as participants succeed.


Contact: Hope Kandel, Director of Partnerships, BadgeOS


BadgeSafe™ for Canvas LMS is a badge issuing application developed with Canvas APIs by Accreditrust. Badges are maintained within the Canvas UI. Users may export their badges to a Mozilla Backpack.


Contact: Eric Korb, President & CEO, Accreditrust


Badgr is an open source badge issuing, management, and user achievement tracking platform. Hosted accounts are free on, and source code is available for free on GitHub.




Bestr is a proprietary badge issuing platform developed by CINECA and is the Italian contact point for Open Badges.


Contact: Simone Ravaioli, CINECA

CanCred Factory

CanCred Factory is a secure cloud service for organizations to issue trusted Open Badge eCredentials. It is built on the same innovative technology as Open Badge Factory but is hosted in Canada by Learning Agents, an award-winning Canadian edtech service provider. This means CanCred Factory is fully compliant with Canadian privacy laws and we’re laser-focused on the needs of Canadian badge issuers and building vibrant Open Badges ecosystems in Canada.


CanCred Factory is offered by subscription at three service levels: Free, Basic and Premium. See details. You can try it out for free at the Premium level for 60 days.

Contact: Don Presant, President, Learning Agents


Canvabadges let you award badges to students in courses based on their total grade in the course and completion of course modules. You can also put a manual approval step that requires your final sign-off before they receive the badges.

Put it all together and you’ve got some lightweight course credentials! Badges can be added to a Mozilla Backpack, or you can drop this javascript file in your global Canvas scripts to let users add them to their Canvas profiles.

Contact: Brian Whitmer, Founder of Instructure


Credly is a complete, one-stop platform for recognizing achievement. You create, issue, and manage badges, while Recipients curate, display, and share them on social and professional networks, the Mozilla Backpack, and elsewhere.


Create an organizational account to get started.

Contact us for support or free Identity Verification for Badge Alliance members.

Contact: Jonathan Finkelstein, CEO, Credly


ForAllRubrics is the rubric and badging platform for teaching and learning that’s free for teachers. Go to the ForAllRubrics blog to read 13 Reasons to Use ForAllRubrics as Your Badging Platform.


Contact: Karen Jeffrey, Founder & President, ForAllRubrics


Makewaves is a learning environment that provides social media for education. Young people can take part in fun missions created by high profile partners, earning badges and rewards.


Contact: Mark Riches, CEO & Co-Founder, Makewaves


Moodle is an open source learning management system (LMS) that offers Open Badges natively. Badges created in Moodle may be displayed on a user’s profile or pushed to their Open Badges Backpack. Public badge collections from the Backpack may be displayed in users Moodle profile.

There are two categories of badges in Moodle: * Site badges - available to users sitewide and related to sitewide activities, like finishing a set of courses. * Course badges - available to users enrolled in a course and related to the activities that happen inside the course.

For account queries or other issues, email support.

NOCTI and NOCTI Business Solutions

NOCTI and NBS utilize the same badging foundation but serve two different customer groups. NOCTI provides a customized platform, along with guidance and consulting services for the implementation of badging projects of any scale. Its niche is workplace learning, assessment, and industry credentialing. NOCTI provides psychometric, development, graphic design, assessment, and badge delivery. Technical competence and digital badging go hand-in-hand and NOCTI provides individuals the capability to share competencies on social and professional networks, the Mozilla Backpack, or on résumés.

NBS provides a customized platform along with guidance and consulting services for the implementation of badging projects of any scale. Its niche is employee assessment and recognition, trade association credentialing, and prior learning assessment. NBS also provides psychometric, development, graphic design, assessment, and badge delivery.


Contact NOCTI for a no-obligation discussion of your needs or for a list of current clients.

Contact: John Foster, CEO, NOCTI

Open Badge Factory

Open Badge Factory (OBF) is a cloud service developed and hosted by Discendum, a Finnish eLearning service provider.


Contact: Eric Rousselle, CEO, Discendum Inc.

Open Badge Academy

Open Badge Academy provides an end-to-end badge discovery, evidencing and display service.



Peer 2 Peer University Badges

P2PU Badges are free, open, and community-driven, featuring badges from Mozilla, Wikimedia, Creative Commons, and the National Writing Project.


Contact: Vanessa Gennarelli, Learning Lead, P2PU

ProExam Vault

ProExam Vault provides Issuers with a flexible, cost-efficient means of creating, issuing, managing, and tracking digital badges and Recipients with an intuitive, powerful platform through which they can claim, manage, and share their digital badges.


Contact: Martin Brutosky, Vice President, ProExam Technology


RedCritter is a comprehensive recognition platform promoting employee and/or student engagement through the use of powerful game mechanics including badges, certifications, skill tracking, virtual currency, and leaderboards.


Learn more about RedCritter’s Enterprise solution at

Contact: Dan Hoffman, Director of Business Development, RedCritter


TopClass is a comprehensive learning management system from WBT Systems that offers enhanced social learning capability for association, continuing education, corporate training, and certification programs. Badges can be created to easily evaluate engagement, track progress, and recognize achievement.


Badges created in TopClass may be displayed on a user’s profile or pushed to their Open Badges Backpack. Open Badges from the Backpack may be imported and displayed in a user’s TopClass learner profile, which incorporates social sharing. Badge status can be checked for validity and expiration. Badges in TopClass can be awarded for participation, such as engaging with discussion forums, or to recognize achievement of set goals, such as completion of an online activity, course completion or attainment of certification.

Learn more about TopClass learning management system at

Contact: Gilles Defer, VP Sales and Marketing, WBT Systems


Youtopia - use digital rewards to get students to go the extra mile. Whether you’re a school, Greek organization, non-profit, or business, you can customize Youtopia to fit your needs.


Contact: Simeon Schnapper, CEO, Youtopia

Open Source Issuing Software

A number of the above issuing platforms have released the underlying code as open source software. This allows partners to collaborate on the applications themselves, increase control over operations, and potentially reduce costs paid for subscription services. The tradeoff is that issuers who host their own platforms take on the responibility for maintaining the badges for their useful lives.

Standalone Badge Issuers:

Open Source Plugins and Integrations:

Backpack Services

Open Badges may be baked into image files that can be posted anywhere on the web, but in order to unlock their metadata and verification status, it’s necessary to use an application that understands the Open Badges specification as part of the process. Badge recipients use Backpack services to store their badges and share them so that the consumers of these badges can understand that they are more than a simple image file. There are at least three compatible Open Badges Backpack services available.

Each Backpack service that appears in this list allows users to upload Open Badges they have earned from any Issuer and share displays of those badges with others. Additionally, the developers of each of these solutions regularly consult with other Badge Alliance members to advance the concept of an Open Badges Backpack Service and ensure core features remain in sync across the ecosystem.

Open Badges Backpack Services:

Other Services

There are several other functions around Open Badges discovery that help wire the ecosystem together.